Environmentally Sound.

This is our corner of the World.

Down here in the Wesht, we nurture green transport plans, grow our own, and help to shape the reality of living here. We mind our house.

Walking Tours of Galway's Westend!

Explore vibrant Galway’s Westend neighbourhood on foot with a knowledgeable guide, discovering hidden gems and local stories along the way. Find out more HERE!

We are on the Tap Map.

Galway’s Westend is on the Tap Map, so refill your water bottles in our neighbourhood to see where and what businesses you can do this in simply click the Tap Map here, initiatives like this help us all to stop buying single use plastics.

Henry Street Nurseries.

Food beds are thriving on the Henry Street. The area is looking unreal, fresh plants, green pots and a fresh lick of paint. Honest graft builds communities.


We are trying out this pedestrianisation as we want to open up even more to you. Bringing our businesses, vibe and buzz to the streets. It is really encouraging to see so many eating, socialising and having a drink outside. We feel this will add another dimension to the west.

New Bike Racks!

Thanks to Galway City Council for working with us to encourage bike use and a place where the can park safely. The racks were in use just 1 hour after installation.