Galway’s West End has a long and colourful history moulded by Galway characters of old and new. The area moves to a different beat than the rest of the city, which is keeps high street chains at bay and allows independent boutique businesses to flourish.

Many businesses have been here for generations and supply the needs of the bountiful restaurants and bars that have won awards around the world and stamped the area on the food map even if you won’t always find it on a tourist map.

Galway’s West End is saturated in culture where many of the Cities festivals were conceived in snugs of the bars and venues. You won’t be short for choice of where to enjoy a pint more than likely served by the owner. No two bars are the same but the locals like to be regulars in all of them. Irish speaking organizations and a fantastic arts scene including an Arts centre, galleries, theatre and music every night of the week keep the area vibrant.

Speciality tea and coffee cafes with hidden sun traps and vintage clothing shops have recently changed the day time vibe of Galway’s West End but no day is complete with out calling into Ernie’s green grocer for an apple and a history lesson.

It’s a bit different but we like it that way.

Galway’s Westend will strive to be a city quarter filled with gigs, festivals, exhibitions, music seminars and fringe events. We will promote independent retail, markets, vintage, thrift, low cost and high quality.

Bring knowledge, create opportunities, share learning and innovate in West Galway City. Be known as a place with gracious hospitality, on-street accommodation, serious food, great bars and the best entertainment.

We will support urbanism, city leisure and our downtown community, nurture green transport plans and help to shape the reality of living here. We will regularly surprise you.