Envy Hair Salon Galway

With over eight years experience in the hairdressing industry, Envy Hair Salon in Galway's Westend is one of the best in the business.

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Over Massimo

At the centre of the best restaurants and pubs in Galway’s Westend, Over Massimo is the perfect base for your stay in Galway.

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Greens & Co. Galway

When in Galway's Westend, Greens & Co. should be your first port of call for high quality vegan goodness served with a smile.

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Stephen Walton Architectural & Interior Design

Based in Galway's Westend, Stephen Walton has been working in the architectural business for the last 20 years.

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Arabica Café

Arabica is an artisan coffeeshop and café in Galway's Westend. They provide an experience that you will want to repeat again and again.

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Murphy and Me

From Puppy School, Behavioural Consults, Shop and Grooming, there's nothing dog related that Murphy and Me in Galway's Westend can't handle.

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The Nest in the West

After your first visit to the Westend you'll want to stay the night and with the help of The Nest in the West you can do just that!

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Best Places to Stay in Galway

When you visit Galway city you deserve only the best, and there's no better place to stay in Galway than Galway’s Westend.

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On Street Dining Update

Galway’s Westend is THE place to be during the tourist season! During the Summer, some of our main thoroughfares are pedestrianised and closed off to traffic...

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Discover the top things to do in Galway’s Westend

Discover the top things to do in Galway by reading on for our list of the best ways to spend your day in Galway’s Westend.

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